Telekom Serbia winner of the VIRTUS Award for long-term partnership with the National Children’s line

Telekom Serbia has won the Virtus Award for long-term partnership with the voluntary sector in cooperation with the National child’s phone line that provides advice to children throughout Serbia. “Telekom Serbia traditionally pays special attention to children and respects their rights, so we are extremely proud to be once again recognised by our corporate social responsibility.

Telekom Srbija Virtus nagrada 2 Telekom Srbija Virtus nagrada 1

With 11 years of successful cooperation with the National Children’s line, and we will continue to provide significant support for the same purpose – to hear the voice of the children, to adequately respond to their needs as well as to raise public awareness of children’s rights, “said Marija Bošković, Director of the PR Department of Telekom Serbia. National children’s line (NADEL) under number 116111, is a telephone counselling service for children in order to protect themselves against potential risks, as well as to provide them with better and safer growing up. Telekom Serbia has enabled free telephone support 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, with all fixed and mobile lines.

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