Telenor banka becomes Mobi banka

Telenor banka continues its business operations under the new name, Mobi Banka. This comes as natural next step in the development of the first mobile and online bank in Serbia, after it was acquired by PPF Group in February 2019. The business name change will be accompanied with bank’s new visual identity.

“The new name, Mobi Banka, completely reflects our strategic commitment to continue developing advanced digital products, accessible to clients primarily through mobile and online banking. The bank will also remain focused on its synergy with Telenor Serbia. It is with great pleasure that we share the Bank’s new name and visual identity with more than 450,000 of our clients. In the years to come, we will strive for Mobi Banka’s innovations to actively contribute to the further transformation of banking in Serbia, which will be increasingly mobile, direct, immediate and simplified for the clients”, said Miloš Brusin, Chairman of the Executive Board of Mobi Banka.

In the next period, this change will be applied through name change of mobile and web apps into Mobi Banka. Apart from new design and name, Bank’s apps will retain all current features. A new and fresh design will be implemented for the website, branch office, ATMs and in Telenor shops.

All clients’ current account numbers, tariffs, products and services will remain unchanged.

Additional information are available on Mobi Banka website:;

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