Telenor published its annual report on sustainable business

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Report on Sustainable Business Operations for 2019 (VIDEO)

In the past year, Telenor collected and recycled 67.85 tons of electronic and electrical waste, reduced electricity consumption in office buildings and stores by 19.42 percent, while with 223 thousand new users of electronic invoices saved 1.3 million sheets of paper and 1.09 million envelopes.

In 2019, the project “Family Safety Net” was completed, implemented in cooperation with UNICEF and the Uzice Center for Children’s Rights, with the support of the Ministry of Education. As part of the project, which recently received the “Virtus” award, a digital guide for safe use of the Internet was published, intended for children, parents and educators, which is available to schools and preschool institutions throughout Serbia.

Last year, Telenor decided to focus its support on the queen of sports – athletics. As part of the general sponsorship, Telenor and the Serbian Athletics Federation have launched the “With speed to the stars” project, which aims to develop and promote athletics and a sports lifestyle among children in 400 primary schools in Serbia. The project was supposed to start in the 2019/20 school year. and included 120,000 children, aged nine and ten years. Due to the declared epidemic of COVID-19 and the closure of schools, the project was temporarily stopped.

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“When you have more than 13 years of work and 200 projects behind you, as the Telenor Foundation has, it gives you the opportunity to research and enter new areas, such as athletics. On the other hand, expectations are high, especially in times of crisis, such as the latter caused by the Coronavirus. I think we have found the right way to give our contribution to the society in which we operate and lead it in a better direction, “said Marija Vujanic, director of communications and sustainable development of Telenor Serbia.

The company and the Telenor Foundation also supported numerous projects in the field of culture, such as: “Growing up with art”, through concerts of classical music for babies and their parents, then the ARLEMM festival, with more than 80 educational workshops, 130 concerts and 3000 individual classes and the Pozitive street art festival, which brought together more than 200 creators and artists, and thousands of visitors.

Telenor employees participated in numerous humanitarian actions, such as UNICEF’s “Run, do good” for the construction of inclusive children’s playgrounds, Bel Hospice tournament, Whatifness “Vehicle for other people’s needs”, etc. When it comes to employees, last year the emphasis was on working with young people. As part of the Telenor Kickstart program, 30 percent of graduates remained to work at Telenor after completing their internship.

You can read the complete report on the sustainable business of Telenor in 2019 here.

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