Ten Years of Generali Voluntary Pension Fund

Ten years after the founding of Generali Society for Voluntary Pension Fund Management, it increased its assets to 9.3 billion RSD and achieved a market share of 29%.

filename_0=Natasa Marjanovic, clan Izvrsnog Odbora Gen.dir Generali Osiguranja Dragan Filipovic 2

Founded in 2006, it is the first association of its kind in Serbia. The Company manages funds Generali Basic and Generali Index, which together have about 53,000 members. On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of operations, president of the Executive Board of Generali Insurance Serbia Dragan Filipović said: “We are proud of the results achieved by our company for voluntary pension funds. Financial results of ten years of operations, despite an incredibly demanding market environment, reflecting the commitment of our people to keep the promise to the customers. Generali stands on solid foundations and is ready to compete and win in today’s highly competitive market. As the first company for voluntary pension funds in our market, we have invested great effort in the development of industry and raising awareness about the necessity of taking personal responsibility for saving for old age.”


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