Teofil Pančić received the award for contribution to the promotion of culture and art in the media by the Foundation Tanja Petrović

The award for outstanding contribution to the promotion of culture and art in the media, awarded by the Foundation Tanja Petrović, this year’s winner Teofil Pančić was officially presented today at the Yugoslav Cinema. The award was presented by last year winner Ivan Medenica.

Teofil Pancic, journalist of the newspaper newspaper Vreme, is one of the authors whom you recognize by the first sentence. His texts are read in breath, they are talked about and recounted. For Theophilus, culture is the starting point from which the world around us is viewed and defined. In her texts she tells us about the moment in which we live, in theater reviews reminds us of what is behind the scenes, when one phenomenon explains, it discovers us as we are. His texts have long overcame the boundaries of the region, even the continents, and some of them are in his books, which he wrote 21.

“For me, this award is special for many reasons. The first is because it is a reward with the name of Tanja Petrović, my colleague with whom I worked, which I loved very much and appreciated and followed everything that she did. That reason would be sufficient, but not the only one. This is not the first prize I’ve received, but it has a specific weight for me. The second reason is the fact that it is awarded for culture in the media, and I do not know if there is another award of this kind in our country, Serbia, in the former Yugoslavia. The third reason is the people who award this award and decide on it, my dear colleagues. The fourth reason is the ones who got it before me, in whose company I’m nice and honest, and I’m sure it will be the same for those who will receive this award after me, “he said receiving the Tefil Pancic award.

The Foundation awarded this year’s special plaque for enthusiasm to the young organizers of the Garden of Fest in Bajina Bašta. Garden Festival is an international Short Film Festival, launched and led by a team of young filmmakers. As a good example of initiative and creative enthusiasm outside the capital, Bašta fest directs its rich film, music, accompanying and educational program to the entire Zlatibor district. The festival is focused on films with authentic acting performances, and is characterized by the fact that almost all of the whole parts of the region are open and free. In the past five years, the Garden Festival has become a meeting point for students, young film authors from around the world, actors from the country and the region. On behalf of numerous teams participating in the organization of this festival, actors Maja Susa and Jovan Jelisavcic received the Plaque.

The Foundation was founded in memory of the early deceased Tanja Petrovic who, as a journalist, editor and author in the editions of culture, publishing houses and as city secretary for culture, dedicated her professional life to this area and its media promotion. The former laureates are journalist, film and literary critic Milan Vlajčić, cult radio author Žikica Simić, editor and author of “Trezor” TV show Bojana Andrić and journalist, rock critic and publicist Petar Peca Popović and theoretician, theater critic and art director BITEF Ivan Medenica . The decisions were made by the Board of Directors of the Foundation Tanja Petrović: Antonela Riha, Vojka Pajkić, Katarina Španić Ostojić, Olivera Milošević, Srdan Golubović and Tamara Pupovac.

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