The 5th International MITECO Forum

Why is the development of the ambitious goals of the circular economy in the European Union impeded? If the industrial cemeteries in Serbia are full, thanks to the former giants who finished at the dump, does the processing of this waste represent an economic opportunity for our country?

Is the cooperation between the state and the private sector necessary in a sustainable systemic management of industrial and hazardous waste, and what do the examples from the region tell us? These are just some of the questions that experts from the country and abroad tried to give answers as well as to point out the possibilities for further action in the field of environment and sustainable development, within the framework of the International MITECO Forum, which was held for the fifth time under the slogan “Today responsible. Tomorrow is sustainable. “Some of the main conclusions of the Forum put the necessary implementation of the systematic concept of waste management, which is supported by the state, but also by the private sector. From the perspective of the economy, the importance of Chapter 27 has been highlighted in order to reach the demanding European standards, as well as investing in environmental and circular economy issues.


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