The Anniversary of the Elysée Treaty Marked With the Film „More Than Ever“

The anniversary of the signing of the Elysée treaty was marked at the Yugoslav Cinematheque on January 22 with the screening of the film „More than ever“ by director Emili Atef.

The screening of the film was preceded by speeches by Mr. Jugoslav Pantelić, director of the Yugoslav Cinematheque, H. E. Mrs. Anke Konrad, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Serbia and H.E. Mr. Pierre Cochard, Ambassador of the Republic of France in Serbia.

The anniversary of the signing of the Elysée Agreement was marked tonight at the Yugoslav Cinematheque with the screening of the film „More Than Ever“ directed by Emili Atef.

H. E. Mr. Pierre Cochard, Ambasador of France, said in his speech before the film that Germany and France cooperate in Serbia in many fields.

“Together, we strongly support Serbia’s accession to the European Union, that is really the main driver of our activity here,” he said, adding that they also support regional cooperation, primarily through the Berlin process.

German Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Mrs. Anke Konrad stated that German-French cooperation was never just a bilateral partnership.

“A strong European Union is one of the common goals, and its expansion must go hand in hand with reforms that strengthen the EU’s capacity and ability to act in a difficult geopolitical context,” she said.

The Elysée Agreement, signed on January 22, 1963, was the foundation for the permanent reconciliation of France and Germany, which were opponents in World War II, and had a decisive influence on the values ​​of peace and stability that Europe promotes today.


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