The book “Lost in the Plains” presented in Ostojićevo

The book of Žikica Milošević “Lost in the Plains”, which deals with lesser-known stories from the history of the peoples of Vojvodina, was presented in one of the places that appear in one of the stories from the book – Ostojićevo. Namely, the former Potiski Sveti Nikola, today Ostojićevo, in the 19th century, was settled by the Poles from Silesia, who were Protestants.

On that occasion, a ceremonial program
me was held in three languages: Serbian, Hungarian and Polish, followed by a panel discussion where the author presented his work, assisted by a delegation of the Polish Embassy led by Consul Pawel Sokolowski and Deputy Ambassador Andrzej Kindziuk, the Mayor of North Banat Okrug Nikola Lončar and the President of Community of Čoka Stana Đember and the high officials of the municipality. The panel noted the wealth of cultural diversity in Vojvodina as well as the need to preserve and support the development of local minority identities, such as Ostojić’s Lutheran Poles. On that occasion, the idea was presented that the Polish language should be the official language of the village, and that it should be introduced as an obligatory language of the social environment for the children of the village.

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