The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Human Rights Week ended with a central event on the occasion of the Human Rights Day

The event in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade marked the Human Rights Day and 70 years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with the support of the United Nations Team in Serbia, the OSCE Mission to Serbia, the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia and the Council of Europe Office in Belgrade.

The guests were greeted by hosts of the reception – Ms. Stelian Nader, UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrici, Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Andrea Oricio, Head of the OSCE Mission to Serbia, and the Head of the Council of Europe, Mr. Tobias Flesenkemper, who concluded:

“With every step in the Human Rights Week, even tonight, we celebrated 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Marking this anniversary gave us the opportunity to see the achievements, but also to imagine the future and set important tasks for us in the coming years.

This great jubilee reminds us how much human rights are all about us and how important they are in any equality and inequality. We also recall how important it is for everyone to be at the same table, all of which are human rights, and that no one should be left out or forgotten. ”

Events organized during the Human Rights Day gave the opportunity to highlight priorities in respecting and fighting for rights of the most vulnerable groups, to exchange experiences, discuss and propose steps to improve human rights for all of us.

On Monday, World Day of Persons with Disabilities marked with representatives of all parts of the community of people with disabilities, where human rights were promoted in a healthy environment. The World Volunteer Day is celebrated and the role of volunteer work in the rights of the elderly. The right to adequate housing and the right to seek and receive asylum was promoted together with refugees and former refugees, beneficiaries of the Regional Housing Program. Attention is focused on defenders and human rights defenders and the crucial role they play. It has been promoted the elimination of transgenicity from the list of diseases through community confessions about the effects that pathology has on them. And in the end of the Human Rights Week, we listened to young people from all over Serbia, respecting the importance of their rights and their voices. Hundreds of right-holders have participated in numerous events throughout Serbia, highlighting the most urgent problems they face in the fight for human rights. Four international partners in Serbia will continue to support communities – especially those at highest risk, and the government, in their advancement in the field of human rights, in accordance with the law and human rights standards that Serbia has committed to.

The main goals of marking the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its accompanying campaign is to encourage people all over Serbia to contribute to human rights and to promote examples of good practice regarding full respect for human rights.

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