The concert by TURKSOY – Madlenianum, August 2nd at 8 pm

The Youth Chamber Orchestra TURKSOY will have a concert in Belgrade on Wednesday, August 2nd at 8 pm at Madlenianum in Zemun.  The Youth Chamber Orchestra TURKSOY is consisted of young talented musicians from Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kirghizstan, Turkmenistan, Tatarstan and Bashkortistan from the Russian Federation.

Since its foundation in 2010, the Youth Chamber Orchestra of TURKSOY has successfully performed common melodies from the Turkish culture around the world, and has delighted audiences at numerous concerts given not only in Turkey, but also in the USA, Europe and Eurasian countries.

This concert is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey and with the support of the Embassy the Republic of Turkey and the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Free entrance.

Repertuar of TURKSOY Youth Chamber Orchestra:


  1. B. Britten “Simple Symphony”
  2. Schnittke “Suite in the Old Style” (A. Akbarov)
  3. Tchaikovsky Serenade for String Orchestra
  4. J. Maldybaeva (Kyrgyzstan)
  5. İ. Khusamutdinov (Baskurdistan/RF) “Tuyalas”

   “Beyeu Köyö”

  1. Kurmangazy (Kazakhstan) “Balbraun”
  2. Serkebayev (Kazakhstan) “Shalkyma”
  3. Khudaynazarov (Turkmenistan) “Yılgaylar”
  4. Saydashev (Tatarstan/RF) “Vals”
  5. Gerasimov (Sakha (Yakutia)/RF) Piyes for Chamber Orchestra
  6. Makhmudov (Uzbekistan) “Muhammas va ufor”
  7. Subrakova (Hakasia/RF) “Tun Payram”
  8. Karayev (Azerbaijan) “Ayşe’nin Dansı”

          “İhtiraslı Kızın Dansı”

  1. T. Erdener (Turkey) “4 Movements on E” (Final)
  2. “Üsküdar’a Gider İken” Turkey (M. Mehmandarov)

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