The Endless Game

Dear readers,

In the world, the IS is fading away and the new coalitions are looming, since the winners: Russia, Assad, the Kurds, Turkey, the USA, Israel, Iran, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia… are prepared to fight for their pieces of pie. It seems that the game of domination is, unfortunately, endless.

There are some encouraging moves in the diplomacy, since Suriname and Guinea-Bissau have withdrawn their recognition of Kosovo. It will certainly be helpful in the negotiation process, where two soultions should be clearly ruled out: independence and direct Belgrade rule over Kosovo. It seems that the game of diplomacy is endless, too. And, in the end, the end of the Hague Tribunal. No need to explain that someone is certainly guilty for the unspeakable crimes, and especially the Srebrenica massacre, with came at the end of the war that the Serbs were actually winning. Terrifying from human aspect, stupid from the military aspect. General Mladić is sentenced, and the main problem is not that it is unjust. The problem is that many war criminals from other nations walked free. So, instead of purification and reconciliation, many Serbs have now completely refused the Hague Tribunal as a whole. Now, once again, two versions of history were created, everyone is “right and just” (in fact, no one is), and the hatred goes on. In the case of reconciling people in former Yugoslavia, the Tribunal failed. In the case of punishing everyone according to their deeds, it failed. In the case of creating one universal narrative accepted by everyone, it failed. So sad. It seems that the game of hatred is unfortunately, endless. Another missed chance.

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