The expert group supported the tax exemption of beginners in business

Finance Minister Dušan Vujović supported NALED’s proposal that beginners in business for at least a year should be exempt from paying tax obligations.

– I support the initiative because it is very important that we increase the chances of encouraging more young people and deciding to start a business. – said Vujović. The participants of the meeting agreed that support to the development of entrepreneurship is urgent because, according to the Agency for Business Registers, in the last ten years, the average number of newly established entrepreneurial shops has fallen by almost a third – from 45,500 to 33,000 a year. The NALED proposal includes the introduction of a tax exemption for young people who have completed college or high school in the last six months and all persons who have been for more than six months on the records of the NES. The analysis estimates that the incentive in the first year would be used by at least 8,000 people, the potential costs would not exceed 1.9 billion dinars, which is eight times less than the state directs for incentives, and the measure would not require additional budget allocations.

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