The first donor dinner of the Bitef Festival

The first donor dinner of the Bitef Festival was successfully held at Hotel Square Nine, with the support of friends of the I & F McCann Group. At the donor dinner that brought together representatives of the diplomatic corps, a number of personalities from business, art and public life collected funds that will be directed towards the realization of the Bitef festival program.

Within the donors’ evening, an auction of works by our famous artists, Vladimir Veličković, Uros Đurić, Mihail Milunović and Vuk Vidor Veličković, was held as well as posters and catalogs of the first edition of Bitef from 1967, which was designed by Vladislav Lalicki. The surprise of the auction was a special Bitef experience, a trip with Ivan Medenica, artistic director of Bitef on a study tour and a theater workshop for 10 people in Bitef theater with the Bitef theater team and famous artists. Artistic director Bitef Ivan Medenica announced the formation of the Friends Club Bitef. Miloš Latinović, director of Bitef, founder of the I & F McCann Group Srđan Šaper, and our celebrated actor Svetozar Cvetković addressed the gathering.

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