The first research in Serbia on the role, attitudes, and position of women in sustainable energy

Who are the women who are professionally engaged in sustainable energy, climate change, and environmental protection in Serbia? Do women see the country’s energy future in fossil fuel or renewable energy sources? Do they have the same career advancement opportunities as men? Are women equally paid or earn less than men for the same work?

These are only some of the questions raised by research within the project WISE SEE (Women in Sustainable Energy South-East Europe.) The project aims to examine the role, attitudes, and position of women in Serbia whose professions are in sustainable energy and, in a wider sense, climate change and environmental protection. The project also targets women entrepreneurs and farmers with a potential to apply energy efficiency measures or renewable energy solutions in their business.

“The project’s ultimate goal is to empower women, network them, and make them more visible and ready to contribute to Serbia’s sustainable, green, and low-carbon development through their professional activities and engagement” said Branislava Jovičić, project manager at WISE SEE and president of the Center for Promotion of Sustainable Development.

WISE SEE is mapping women in sustainable energy, climate change, and environmental protection. It is surveying attitudes and position of women in institutions, organizations and companies. It will be also surveying attitudes of women in households all over Serbia on sustainable energy and climate change. The project will feature the database of 350 top women professionals engaged in sustainable energy, climate change, and environmental protection to be presented at the workshop in March next year.

The WISE SEE project is implemented by the civil society organization Cetre for promotion of sustainable development – CPOR in partnership with the Swiss Cooperation Office – SECO. It was supported by the
the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), the Energy Community and the Ministry of Protection of
environment of the Republic of Serbia.

We invite women professionals, entrepreneurs, and farmers to take part in the research through the project’s official website

Serbia is the first country in the region to implement this survey. Others are to follow in the coming period.

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