The Global Innovation Index 2017 report is presented in Serbia: Where is Serbia? Where are you?

Centre for the Development of Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation ICT Hub organised the presentation of the Global Innovation Index 2017 for the first time in our country.

This annual publication in the world has been published since 2007 and ranks the innovation of the countries and their economies, and as an advantage of Serbia it has detected human resources and clusters of successful ICT and agricultural-agritech companies. World expert for innovative systems dr. Draško Drašković noted “It is necessary to cultivate the culture of entrepreneurship more flexibly within companies (intrapreneurship). Companies should accept the culture of openness, being less concerned about intellectual property and supporting the concept of open innovation. The role of the private sector should be crucial in providing support to entrepreneurs” he said. This year’s GII was dedicated to the analysis of innovations in agriculture, so this topic was also addressed through a panel discussion on which, in addition to dr. Draško Drašković spoke: Jovana Tomić, leader of the Desing Center for Innovation and Food Development, Goran Pitić, Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Vice President of Delta Holding. Partner event was the USAID Competitive Economy Project.


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