The heads of UNICEF, the EBRD, the embassies of Belgium, Australia, India soon to change

Belgrade diplomatic and business circles will be left this summer without few very active members of the community. According to our sources, the Ambassador of UNICEF in Belgrade, Michel Saint Lot, one of the most beloved and active members of the diplomatic community is leaving Serbia. Saint Lot will replace Serbia with Madagascar, and we believe that this climate change will not be too difficult for him, since he was born in Haiti.

Daniel Berg, director of the EBRD, who was very active in his business and diplomatic community with his wife Diane, is also leaving Belgrade these days. Australian Ambassador H. E. Julia Feeney and the Ambassador of Belgium – H. E. Leo D’Aes and and his wife Monica (photo) are leaving for the new post after more than four years in Belgrade. Also, H. E., Narinder Chahuan, Ambassador of India, one of the most prominent guests at all the events, is leaving Belgrade soon.

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