“The International Belgrade Singers” Choir Sets the Stage for an Exciting New Season of Music

“The International Belgrade Singers”, the renowned mixed amateur choir, is thrilled to announce the launch of an exhilarating new season of harmonious melodies and community spirit. With a rich history dating back to 2012, IBS has consistently mesmerized audiences in Belgrade and beyond with their passionate and diverse repertoire

Get Ready for the Melodic Magic

As the curtains rise on this new season, the excitement is palpable. Music lovers and vocal enthusiasts are in for a treat as IBS prepares to fill the air with enchanting melodies. The first rehearsal is set to take place on [Date], and it promises to be an unforgettable kickstart to the season.

What to Expect at the First Rehearsal

The first rehearsal will be a relaxed yet invigorating gathering of music aficionados. It begins with introductions and a warm welcome to new members, setting the tone for a harmonious and inclusive community. IBS members will engage in vocal warm-ups and exercises to prepare for the musical journey ahead. The highlight of the evening is a special surprise – a song prepared by our conductor, Olga, that requires no sheet music. It’s a delightful musical secret that will captivate everyone in attendance. Following the rehearsal, Olga will conduct voice assessments for new members.

Join the Musical Journey

IBS is not just a choir; it’s a musical family. Whether you’re an experienced vocalist or simply love to sing, IBS extends a warm invitation to all who want to contribute their voices and passion to this extraordinary ensemble. This season promises to be a delightful blend of musical inspiration, camaraderie, and captivating performances.

To stay updated with IBS, visit our Facebook and Instagram pages, and join our internal Viber group. Spread the word and bring along friends who share your love for singing.

About The International Belgrade Singers

The International Belgrade Singers (IBS) choir was established as a mixed amateur choir in 2012 by Canadian diplomat Betty Ann German. She was our first conductor, running the choir for some 4 years. After her departure, the Choir Committee was elected to run the choir. Our current conductor (for the past six years) is Olga, and she is a professional conductor.

Songs are mostly in English, though we sing in other languages such as Serbian, French, German, Italian, Latin, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Greek, Romanian, etc. We have some 30-40 members of various nationalities. Some of them are diplomats/spouses of the diplomats, some are foreigners living or studying in Belgrade at present. Two former Canadian Ambassadors and their deputies were our members. We also have local singers. During rehearsals, the conductor gives instructions in English.

Our rehearsals are held once a week in the beginning and more often as the time for the concert approaches. We usually have several charity concerts per year: Christmas concert at the end of our “Christmas season” (December/January), and Spring concert at the end of our “Spring season” (late May /early June). All the proceeds from the concerts are donated to a chosen beneficiary, mostly a children’s organization. We are very proud of our charity work. So far, we have donated to many such institutions. The list for these 11 years of our work is long and I do not want to bother you with it now 😊

We are active on social media:
FB page https://www.facebook.com/IBSchoir/ – you can join with ‘like’
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=1wb7lod64g77h&utm_content=933nsid

As most of the choirs, we need more male singers and if you know any of them interested in the choral singing, please let me know or simply bring him/them to the rehearsal. However, the foreigners of all genders are always welcome, as we want to keep the international character of the choir.

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