The Largest European Niche Perfumery Opened in Belgrade!

The Belodore brand confirmed its position as the largest niche perfume chain in Europe by opening a new flagship perfumery in Belgrade

Belodore, the leading international chain of niche perfumeries, opened a new flagship perfumery on Monday, April 22, in the Galerija shopping center. The new shop is the largest of its kind in Europe, thus strengthening the brand’s position as a European leader when it comes to niche perfume chains, while a hitherto unseen concept was presented to the Serbian market.

During the opening, 11 new brands were presented for the first time (some of them are Kilian Paris and Frederic Malle) which will be on sale for the first time in Belodore perfumeries, while in addition to these novelties, the offer includes over 40 exclusive brands, such as Creed, Tiziana Terenzi, Xerjoff, Acqua di Parma, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Elemis and many others. The perfumery contains several spatial units, such as a personalized area for brands, and special sections reserved for perfumes, for skin care, home fragrances, a VIP Perfume bar and a special section called “Recommended by Belodore” where the assortment of domestic producers is highlighted. In this way, Belodore is the only perfumery in Serbia that supports and promotes local brands from the luxury segment.

The new perfumery covers an area of ​​360 m2 and is a fusion of contemporary architecture. What completely sets this space apart from others in terms of design is the fact that almost all the details that can be seen are handmade, from the counters where the perfumes stand that are made of Italian ceramics, to the pieces of furniture and large hand-sculpted sculptures by local sculptors. where the one that represents molecules stands out. The entire design is personalized so that each section exudes its uniqueness, thus symbolizing the freedom of personalized choice of customers in Belodore perfumeries.

Since its establishment in 2020, the Belodore brand has been synonymous with luxury and uniqueness. With the opening of the new flagship perfumery, Belodore has clearly confirmed the position of market leader that it has acquired thanks to its commitment to providing superior olfactory experiences. Belodore perfumes are art, and every visit to Belodore perfumeries is a journey through the world of top fragrances and luxury.

At the beginning of this year, the first grandiose flagship store was opened in the center of Budapest, while now all Belgraders who are fans of luxury fragrances will be able to enjoy something that was presented for the first time on our market, at a location in the center of Belgrade, in the Galerija shopping center.

Belodore – The art of fragrance. The science of beauty.

Belodore international niche perfumery chain is present in 6 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The Belodore perfumery chain has 13 stores where our professional staff contributes to a personalized shopping experience with their knowledge and courtesy, and we are also present online with 4 online stores for 4 markets: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro.

The combination of prestige and art in the most beautiful possible way is represented by Belodore perfumery. On the shelves of our stores there are over 50 carefully selected brands from 4 continents such as: Creed, Tiziana Terenzi, Xerjoff, Acqua di Parma, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Elemis and many others.

Choosing a fragrance at Belodore perfumery is more than just shopping: it’s a unique opportunity to take with you a piece of history, art and inspiration. Belodore offers unique and refined perfumes, home fragrances, as well as premium premium cosmetics, allowing its visitors and customers to choose only the best for themselves and to see why niche perfume is defined as “pure art”.

Make a strong impression and don’t compromise. Find your favorite fragrance that will create magic in contact with your skin. Welcome to our oasis of art and fragrance!

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