The launch of a new cycle of Intesa Farmer!

Banca Intesa launched a new cycle of Intesa Farmer where the best farmer will be chosen for the fourth consecutive year on the 18th of May in Novi Sad.


The event will be held at the booth of Banca Intesa at the Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, on Wednesday 18th May 2016, Hajduk Veljkova 11, Novi Sad, at 11 AM. On the occasion Banca Intesa will open the concourse officially and the details will be explained by

  • Darko Popović, Executive Board Member and Director of the Division for business with private individuals and small business of Banca Intesa
  • Predrag Milenović, director of the segment of the Small Business management of Banca Intesa
  • Đorđe Radulovic, Director of the Department of Management segment clients registered farms Banca Intesa

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