By exhibition of young artist Kristina Pirković, NLB Bank and Pigmalion House of Artists are continuing a series of 5 exhibitions of young artists within the project “Figurae Feminae”.

The President of the Executive Board of NLB Banka Beograd Branko Greganović reminded at the opening ceremony of the exhibition that since the opening of the NLB Gallery, a year has passed. “I am extremely happy that NLB Gallery has become recognizable in such a short period by artists and art lovers. I would like to thank the painter from Slovenia, Majda Zorko, whose exhibition opened this gallery, Bob Živković, who gave us the confidence at the beginning, as well as our programme partner, the House of Artist Pigmalion and the young artists from the “Figurae Feminae” project on the contribution affirmation of the NLB Gallery. This year, we decided to support five young, promising Serbian artists in creating a successful artistic career, and I’m sure that in the period ahead, we will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of interesting settings” said Greganović. Kristina Pirković graduated in 2014 at the Faculty of Philology of Art in Kragujevac, at the Applied and Fine Arts Department, and completed her master studies in 2015 at the same faculty in the field of wall painting.

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