The municipality of Novi Beograd in Serbia first to introduce the modern software

Novi Beograd today became the first municipality in Serbia where the payment of administrative fees is possible by payment cards. Thanks to the developed software solution, citizens will pay their fees and administrative fees, and  will be able to perform all actions in its entirety simply and quickly at one counter.

“We are the first municipality in the country to adopt a system of paying taxes with credit cards, which will significantly facilitate and accelerate this type of service.” said the Mayor of New Belgrade, Aleksandar Šapić. This project is the result of cooperation between the municipality of Novi Beograd, the company Avantech and Vojvođanska Banka. “Vojvođjanska banka is one of the pioneers in the introduction of modern software systems that facilitate the operations and transactions of our clients.” said Milorad Nikić, Director of Operations functions Vojvođanska Banka.

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