The New Program of the Science Fund – 2.2 Million Euros for Development of Joint Research With the Diaspora

The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia has opened a new program DIASPORA 2023 which, with a budget of 2.2 million euros, will support joint projects of our scientists with the Serbian scientific diaspora worldwide

The program enables scientists to define common research topics from all fields of science, form new teams and collaborate with scientific institutions in Serbia and the world. The DIASPORA 2023 program aims to develop science in Serbia and at the global level through cooperation with scientists from our diaspora.

“Serbia has established scientists all over the world who work at the world’s leading scientific institutions. At the same time, great scientists are working in Serbia, and the Science Fund through its programs provides modern equipment and better working conditions with the desire that they stay in their country and contribute to its development. With the DIASPORA 2023 program, the Science Fund plans to initiate a synergy of scientists from Serbia and the world who will jointly respond to many scientific, technological, and social challenges. Another important goal of this program is to strengthen the position of Serbian science at the international level, through the global network of cooperation of our scientists,” says Milica Đurić Jovičić, PhD director of the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia.

The program enables joint work on projects that will encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience, the transfer of technology, development of patents and innovations.

The DIASPORA 2023 program is the second of three strategic programs of the Fund for Science aimed at developing cooperation with the diaspora. As part of the first Serbian science cooperation program with the diaspora, Serbian scientists are implementing projects in cooperation with 87 scientific institutions from 22 countries around the world.

The maximum budget per project is 200,000 euros, while the duration of projects is up to two years.

The Support Program for Cooperation with the Serbian Scientific Diaspora – Joint Research Projects (DIASPORA 2023) budget is provided through the “SAIGE” Project, a partnership project of the Republic of Serbia, the European Union, and the World Bank.

The public call for applications for scientific research projects will be open until March 28, 2024. years.

Funds for financing the program are provided based on a joint investment of the Republic of Serbia (Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation), through a loan and technical support from the World Bank and non-reimbursable financial support from the European Union, which form part of the “Project to Accelerate Innovation and Encourage the Growth of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Serbia” (SAIGE Project), dedicated to strengthening scientific research and innovative entrepreneurship.

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