The newest vehicle sales concept at the BMW Salon

Delta Motors presents a new level of experience for its customers in cooperation with BMW AG.

The most sophisticated level of BMW Group standards, new digitized processes and the highest level of commitment to customers in the luxury BMW salon have set a new benchmark in the automotive industry. Serbia is the fourth market in which BMW introduced a virtual reality system, and the Delta Motors retailer in Belgrade, with its unique service, will therefore set new standards in the premium segment and a great challenge for the whole market.
The virtual reality is part of the BMW “Future Retail” program that implies a brand-new customer experience in the showroom, which especially applies to customers of the luxury segment. BMW offers the option of personalizing the vehicle so that the customer can choose the type and color of the leather, the type of stiches, trims, wheels, vehicle color, multimedia devices etc. Thanks to the virtual reality, the client is relieved of any doubt, by this 3D experience, if he correctly selected all the details, whether they will look good together, whether the choice of interior details is exactly what he wants, in high resolution even before his vehicle he left the factory. In addition to the digital purchase element, the client has an interactive experience, whereby he configures the car he wants and sees it after just a few seconds. The BMW Virtual Reality application is a perfect solution that allows client to experience a clear and colorful presentation of his vehicle. He experiences every, even the smallest, detail in a vehicle with a high dose of reality, and he can also get out of the car to inspect his exterior. And in addition to being able to change the period of the day, it is also possible to change the environment in which the vehicle is located – from the racetrack, through the parking of a luxurious villa to the mountainous terrain.

“Future Retail” is a new concept in BMW showrooms and includes a complex sales service, complete digitalization, personalization and configuration of vehicles, “Virtual Reality”, premium access to a client in a luxury ambience as well as the assistance of the BMW genius. Within the BMW “Future Retail” standards, new digital elements have been introduced, and with the “Mobile Customizer” system, which enables a new type of presentation and configuration of the vehicle with a client in a salon or some other location, it is now possible to continue configuring the vehicle in a virtual world and getting acquainted with the vehicle before it is even made. It is important to emphasize that the client can configure his vehicle on his computer, and after that he can “experience” it by the “Virtual Reality” system at the Delta Motors showroom.

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