The Nordic Day in Belgrade

The Nordic Day was celebrated in the Residence of Norwegian Embassy this year and it is dedicated to inter-governmental and inter-parliamentarian cooperation in northern Europe, which is one of the worlds oldest and most comprehensive regional cooperations.

The Nordic region is home to 27 million people, who are spread across eight time zones and have a strong language community – 80-90% of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian words are either identical or similar.

Equality, welfare and democracy are common Nordic values that pave the way for close inter-Nordic cooperation on all levels – from prime ministers to primary school pupils. The Nordic Day is manifesting the Nordic Cooperation which is one of the oldest ways of cooperation in Europe, marking so-called “Nordic Constitution” or Helsinki Agreement, signed on the 23rd of March by Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark and Finland. Sweden is this year chaircountry and its aims are creation of “inclusive, safe and innovative region”.

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