The Novak Djoković Foundation and the Donesi brand join forces in children campaign

Bring (Donesi) Another Nursery to Serbia

‘Bring (Donesi) Another Nursery to Serbia’ is a new initiative launched by the Novak Djoković Foundation and the Donesi brand, a regional leader in online ordering and delivery. As part of the campaign, the users of the Donesi services will have the opportunity to donate funds in the next three months, which the Novak Djoković Foundation will forward towards opening a nursery in the village of Vajska, municipality of Bač.

Every second child in Serbia is not given the opportunity to attend preschool education, and the attitude towards children, in this stage of their development, often plays a key role in realizing the child’s potential. Guided by that fact, the Novak Djoković Foundation has been opening nurseries across Serbia for years, which teach children using contemporary programmes that help children to discover and realize their dreams. Recognizing the importance of such an investment, Donesi decided to get involved and provide its users with the opportunity to quickly and easily donate funds for the opening of the nursery for 80 children from the village of Vajska, the Bač municipality.

“After almost 15 years of business in Serbia, during which we have implemented a variety of socially responsible projects, we wanted to have our users on board this time around. The Novak Djoković Foundation was our first choice of partner and we are confident that this is just the beginning of beautiful and successful cooperation,” Srdjan Stanković, General Manager of Donesi for Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, pointed out.

Donesi decided to get involved and provide its users with the opportunity to quickly and easily donate funds for the opening of the nursery for 80 children from the village of Vajska, the Bač municipality

To join the #donesiradost campaign, all you need to do is, when paying for your order via the Donesi application or on their website, to select the card payment option, click the „I want to participate in the ‘Bring Another Nursery to Serbia’ campaign“ and select the amount of your donation. The money you donate for the campaign will be forwarded to the Novak Djoković Foundation as a beneficiary of the funds which will then pay the money towards opening the nursery in Vajska.

The national director of the Novak Djoković Foundation, Maja Kremić, pointed out that she was extremely proud of that cooperation.“We are happy to see other organizations recognize the importance of our mission and having decided to join forces with us. As a result, we have such a wonderful collaboration with the Donesi brand. Our Foundation is always guided by the idea that our little means a lot to someone. For this reason, we have decided to jointly launch a campaign that will include a modest contribution of each individual for children from the Municipality of Bač to be able to attend nursery, “ said Ms Kremić.

Do you know that if you donate only 100 dinars, the money will go towards buying a set of colouring pencils and felt-tip pens? With a donation of 500 dinars, you will contribute to purchasing reading and colouring books, while for the amount of 1,000 dinars, the children from the village of Vajska will get toys, puzzles, educational memory games and other toys for the development of fine motor skills that are very important for their growth and happy childhood. We can do so much more if we join forces, and is there anything more beautiful than seeing children happy!?

About Donesi

Donesi, a regional leader in online ordering and delivery, is owned by Delivery Hero Group, the largest online delivery company in the world. The company operates in more than 45 countries and is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, where a few months ago, it was assigned the DAX 30 index, which is given to the 30 largest German companies floated on the stock exchange.


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