The ‘Novi Dorćol’ monograph presented – A Fusion of Traditional and Modern

The Deka Inženjering Company played host to media representatives in the Novi Dorćol residential and business complex at 29, Venizelosova Street.

During this informal gathering, the media representatives saw a presentation about the completed first phase of construction of this complex and were presented the „Novi Dorćol: A Fusion of Traditional and Modern“ monograph, published by Deka Inženjering. The book depicts a historical and cultural context, architectural visions and projects that have transformed the industrial block in Donji Dorćol in Belgrade.

The monograph’s authors, Ljiljana Blagojević, PhD, architect and Design Manager at Deka Inženjering and Jelena Stojkov, architect and urban planner of the Novi Dorćol project, talked about the history of the industrial Dorćol, infrastructure development in the area, as well as the unique process of building the Novi Dorćol residential and business complex.

“By building the Novi Dorćol residential and business complex, we tried to maintain the most valuable segments of this prestigious building and we did not want the new architecture to limit the past. On the contrary, we have kept something that is authentic, the Platnara building from 1897, the first facility that was built on this location, when the textile industry started developing here. In this way, Deka Inženjering has preserved its authenticity, which is a rare endeavour. We wanted to create an urban space that is a nice contribution to Belgrade and of course, evokes the feeling of urbanity of this complex. This book came out as a result of a great collaboration because a lot of strength, knowledge and creativity was invested in it to create a square that is reminiscent of Belgrade’s industrial history, This monograph shows what goes on behind the scenes in such an endeavour,” said Ljiljana Blagojević.

dr Ljiljana Blagojević, arhitekta, Design Manager Deka inženjering-a

The first phase of construction of the Novi Dorćol residential and business complex, with 225 apartments and 15 shops, was successfully completed after 18 months since the construction’s beginning. The second construction phase will commence soon and during this phase, a total of 347 apartments and 9 shops will be built.

“The energy of this location is very important for this project. This is where the industrialization of Donji Dorćol, which was back then located on the outskirts of the city, began more than 120 years ago. At the beginning of this century, things changed a lot and new directions were set in Belgrade’s strategic plans. Today, 120 years later, a new Dorćol is born in the same place. That cycle of transformation at this point is very unique. I believe that, in a few years, we will be walking around a new Dorćol which life has begun in exactly this location. As urban planners and designers, we would like to express our great gratitude that such a project is being implemented and a new spirit of Belgrade’s Old Town is being born,” Jelena Stojkov said.

Jelena Stojkov, architect, responsible urban planner of the Novi Dorćol project

After the monograph’s promotion, the media representatives had the opportunity to visit the completed first phase of the Novi Dorćol residential and business complex, the reconstructed Platnara building, as well as the wellness centre with a swimming pool and gym.


The Novi Dorćol residential and business complex is being built by Deka Inženjering, a company that has successfully completed the A Block project; one of the most beautiful residential and business facilities in Novi Beograd. This project has greatly contributed to the development of the construction industry, and thanks to its market success, it has spurred the construction of residential complexes in Belgrade.

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