The perfect coffee drinking experience

The German manufacturer of premium home appliances, the Miele Company, has made sure that their coffee machines meet the strictest requirements of refined taste and satisfy every family member.

Espresso with pronounced aromas, strong Ristretto, Caffè Latte or an ideal combination of Espresso and milk in the form of a divine-looking Cappuccino are just a few ways to start a new day. To prepare your favourite beverage in a barista fashion, you need a perfect synthesis of ingredients and a top-quality coffee machine.

Freestanding coffee machines CM5 Silence

Carefully designed devices are necessary to achieve the fullness of aroma. Therefore, with its Miele AromaticSystem, Miele paid special attention to the design of the coffee-making component. The secret of this system is in the coffee-making chamber, which expands whenever water enters it. This means that the coffee will be thoroughly mixed with water, that is, it will become more intense in taste. The whole process of coffee making is very quiet, bearing in mind that the CM5 Silence models have a quieter motor that reduces the noise volume by 50 per cent compared to the earlier basic models of Miele coffee machines.

Miele coffee machines are winning over people worldwide thanks to their simplicity and intuitive use of the device. The CM5 Silence coffee machine has a combination of displays with several sensors, so you can effortlessly, with the press of a button, make a coffee that you often drink. Furthermore, the device is programmed so that you can save your settings such as the amount of water and coffee used and the temperature at which you make your coffee, thus ensuring the continuity of the taste that you like.

OneTouch for Two is a particularly convenient feature of all Miele coffee machines. With this option, you can make two drinks at the same time, with one click. This saves time and it will take you only a couple of minutes until you are ready to enjoy coffee and conversation with family and guests.

The ComfortClean system makes it easy to maintain hygiene. This means that parts of the appliance, including water, drip and waste containers, can be removed and washed by hand or in a dishwasher. Cleaning of the milk dispenser is now much easier as it is automatic, which means that this part of the device cleans itself after each drink that is made with milk.

Innovative functions of Mielle coffee machines

Depending on the model, Miele coffee machines come with different capacities, possibilities and functions. Thus, for example, the patented Miele CofeeSelect system guarantees maximum enjoyment and freedom of choice. Namely, users have at their disposal three containers for different coffee beans, and you can choose the coffee beans you want to use for your coffee.

The wide range of Mielle devices also includes those that you can connect to the Miele@mobile application. Mobile phone management creates a number of possibilities. You will be able to easily monitor the levels of coffee beans in the containers, order cleaning agents or prepare your beverage via the MobileStart option.

Easy removal of impurities, and especially problematic scale, is significantly simplified with the AutoDescale function. The long and arduous process of removing scale is now automatic.

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