The processing industry is the most profitable

Of the companies from the processing industry, those that are most successful come from the food industry, more precisely foodstuffs production.

Most of the companies from the list of the most profitable ones come from the C-sector (manufacturing), with 31 out of 42 companies increasing their net profit compared to the previous year.

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In addition to the companies that ranked top five on the list (TIGAR TIRES DOO PIROT and COCA-COLA HBC – SERBIA DOO ZEMUN), PHILIP MORRIS OPERATIONS AD NIŠ (4,861 million dinars) and HEMOFARM AD VRŠAC (4,443 million dinars) stand out in terms of their net profit and rank eighth and ninth place respectively. In 2020, these companies recorded a growth in net profit of 4.4% and 11.7%, respectively, and with an increased volume of business activities, they achieved an even more intensive increase in the positive results from their core activities (production of tobacco products and basic pharmaceuticals).

Of the companies from the C-sector (manufacturing), the largest number on the list come from the food industry, namely food producers (12). In terms of net profit, the producer of ready-made pet food FARMINA PET FOODS DOO INĐIJA is in the lead, ranking 14th, with a profit of 3,479 million dinars, which is a 50.4% annual increase.

In 2020, the number of companies from the G-sector (wholesale and retail) increased significantly among the 100 most profitable companies, to 19 (11 in 2019), of which 14 were engaged in wholesale trade.

After the aforementioned, RUDNAP GROUP AD BELGRADE – IN BANKRUPTCY (11th place), which started to record positive results, the largest net profit was generated by the retail chain DELHAIZE SERBIA DOO BELGRADE, even though their annual profitability was significantly reduced (24.0 %). The company still managed to generate a high profit of 3,931 million dinars, and it ranked 12th on the list.

Out of one hundred companies with the highest net profit, 13 of them operated in the F-sector (construction), of which five were engaged in the construction of roads and highways. Most companies in this sector recorded both higher profits and had more employees.

There are six public companies on the list of the ONE HUNDRED BEST COMPANIES in terms of the net profit in 2020

The biggest net profit was generated by PE PUTEVI SRBIJE BELGRADE (seventh place), which after several years of negative results, in 2020, recorded positive business results.

Multiple growth of the positive net result was shown by companies engaged in the construction of residential and non-residential buildings, such as STRABAG DOO BELGRADE (75th place), which also stands out in terms of the number of new employees, and RADUN INŽENJERING DOO BAČKA PALANKA (88th place).

Of the 100 most profitable companies, seven are from the J-sector (information and communications) and are mainly engaged in cable telecommunications. During the pandemic, all seven companies increased the volume of business activities, and except for TELENOR DOO BELGRADE, which is the best ranked (third place), all companies increased their business profit and most of them their net profit too.

On the sixth place of the observed list is TELEKOM SRBIJA AD BELGRADE, whose net profit has grown by 58.5% and amounts to 5,509 million dinars. Next is VIP MOBILE DOO BELGRADE (13th place), with an annual growth of 6.6%, and a high net profit of 3,606 million dinars. PINK INTERNATIONAL COMPANY DOO BELGRADE (44th place) had even more intensive growth in net profit (92.3%) which stood at 1,593 million dinars, earned from the production and broadcasting of television programmes, while MOJA SUPERNOVA DOO BELGRADE (87th place) almost tripled profit to 890 million dinars, and at the same time, increased its business income (45.9%) and the number of employees (by 255 workers or 53.5%) the most.

There are six public companies on the list of the ONE HUNDRED BEST COMPANIES in terms of the net profit in 2020. The total net profit they generated amounted to 26,421 million dinars and is 63.4% higher compared to the year before. The growth of profitability of these companies was achieved through a higher volume of business activities (2.3%), and while their total number of employees (44,724) dropped by 443.

Unlike the already mentioned public companies, which recorded a significantly better result than last year’s – first-placed PE EPS BELGRADE and PE PUTEVI SRBIJE BELGRADE (7th place) -other public companies on the list made a lower annual net profit.

PUBLIC UTILITY COMPANY BEOGRADSKE ELEKTRANE’s (17th place) net profit decreased by 22.2% and it amounted to 3,127 million dinars. PE SRBIJAGAS NOVI SAD (19th place) saw its net profit declne by 37.3%, to the amount of 2,990 million dinars, mostly due to the doubled negative result from other activities (8,455 million dinars), while the profit generated from the company’s core business (9,524 million dinars) increased by 46.1%.

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