The reconstruction of artesian fences in Zaječar is a bet for a better future

Citizens of Zajecar, as well as all tourists, will be able to use healthy drinking water with three renewed public artesic fountains in this town – in the settlements Ključ and Kraljevica, as well as from the Zelengora fountain in Hajduk Veljkova street.

Renewed fountains are part of the Project of reconstruction and revitalization of artesian fences implemented by the City of Zajecar, the Association “For fountains” and HEINEKEN Serbia, with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

During the ceremony on the occasion of the first renovated artesian fountains, the Assistant Mayor of Zajecar Miodrag Stankovic reminded of their importance for the city.

“Artes fountains are a symbol of Zajecar, they are also on the coat of arms of our city. By renewing artesian fires, protecting water and using this natural resource in an appropriate way, we invest in the generations to come. Our position has been supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection, “Stankovic said.

Director of HEINEKEN Serbia Viktor Gillhofer believes that the participation of Zajecar brewery in the renewal of artesian fences represents a stake for a better future.

“HEINEKEN Serbia is committed to responsible and rational management of natural resources. It is our duty and obligation towards the local community in which we operate through various initiatives and programs efficiently and conserve water as a valuable natural resource. Since 2008 we have reduced our water consumption by more than 70 percent, and I am convinced that we will achieve an even better result. By participating in this project, we are building a better future for Zajecar, “said Gillhofer.

For the president of the Association “Za česme” Boban Pogarčić, this project represents the renewal of local tradition and heritage.

“Artes fountains are part of our local heritage. Through their reconstruction, all together, from state and local government, through socially responsible economy and civil sector, we are improving and protecting the environment, and promoting a healthy lifestyle, “said Pogarčić.

Zajecar is a city that has more than 40 active public artesian fountains, making it unique in Europe and the world by the richness of healthy drinking water. City of Zajecar, Association “For fountains” and company HEINEKEN Serbia are planning to continue with the reconstruction and revitalization of artesian fountains in the area of ​​the city on Timok.

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