The Republic of Serbia is consistent in respecting international law

Source: Serbian FM

In regard to various reports in foreign media and on social networks about the Republic of Serbia’s stance towards “Western Sahara” and the misinterpretation of the same, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia would like to use this opportunity to once again strongly underline its position on the issue, which remains unchanged and consistent, and based on the provisions of international law and relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council.

The issue of “Western Sahara” is under the UN’s jurisdiction, and for the Republic of Serbia this issue is, first and foremost, multilateral and regional. The Republic of Serbia strongly supports the UN in its efforts to find a solution to the issue of “Western Sahara”, as it also advocates a solution that is peaceful, fair, mutually acceptable and permanent, does not involve unilateral moves and does not prejudge the final outcome of the negotiations that are taking place before the UN.

The Republic of Serbia fully understands the sensitivity of this issue for the interested parties to which it appeals to immediately continue talks in good faith, under the UN auspices, that will lead to a solution based on principles that Serbia continuously underlines and advocates. At the same time, the Republic of Serbia, as a professed and proven friend of the region and the entire African continent, refuses to be drawn into disputes where a deal must be reached between the directly involved stakeholders. As a country that has wholeheartedly contributed to the liberation of the continent, and in particular, as the founder of the Non-Aligned Movement and one of the initiators of the creation of the Organization of African Unity, the Republic of Serbia hopes that our friends will understand this.

The Republic of Serbia is interested in further development of otherwise extraordinary relations with African countries, especially through already realized and upcoming visits at a high level.

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