The solution for the debts of state pharmacies by year-end

The Serbian government and relevant ministries will develop a solution to stop the growth of government debt pharmacies founded by the local government until the end of this year.


It was announced by the Minister of State Administration and Local Self-Government Self-Ana Brnabić, in a consultative meeting with representatives of pharmacies, health centres and local governments on the establishment of sustainable financing of health care institutions, which was organised by the Ministry of State Administration and Local Government, with the support of NALED in the Palace of Serbia. Minister of Health Zlatibor Lončar said that it is necessary to determine the responsibility of management and control bodies of the pharmacies and health centres. Mirjana Ćojbašić, State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, said that with the implementation of new software to monitor the performance of obligations of direct and indirect budget users there would be an increased supervision over local governments and health care facilities as agreed with the International Monetary Fund.

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