The state unnecessarily keeps more than 90% of the documentation permanently and on paper

The beginning of the project “Towards Administration Without Paper” was formalized by a meeting of all participants in the Palace of Serbia.

It was estimated that the Law on Electronic Document, Electronic Identification and Trusted Services in e-business, adopted in October last year, represents an excellent framework for the development of efficient communication between the state, citizens and the economy. On this occasion it was announced that the draft sub-legal acts for this regulation will be prepared by the end of April. About 80% of information from state institutions and businesses around the world is still on paper, and in Serbia more than 90%. The obligation to archive paper documents in our country is prescribed for a period of two to 70 years or permanently, which imposes high costs. Only in the Agency for Business Registers for managing and storing paperwork is spent millions of euros per year while the length of the shelves of this institution has already exceeded 30 kilometers. The project is implemented by NALED, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Center for European Policies, which will be in charge of supporting the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Ministry of Culture and Information, in drafting eight by-laws that will further regulate the archiving system of e-documents.

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