The Western Balkans – prosperity and security through economic cooperation

Prosperity and security through economic cooperation of the Western Balkans, have been the subject of several different events in USA.

Knezevic i Barozo Knezevic i Klinton Knezevic i Vucic

With the refugee crisis, rise of populist parties and exit of Britain from the European Union we are now entering a truly decisive moment for Europe. All this is placing Western Balkans in front of new challenges. But with the challenges come also the opportunities. Positioned on crossroad of geopolitical leavening of our time, Western Balkans is now in position to be good example“, said in New York on plenary session of the 12th Final Clinton Global Initiative, dr Duško Knežević, president of Atlas Group and board member of the Summit 100 Business Leaders of Southeast Europe.

At the EastWest Institute, the emphasis was on economic development and cooperation between the public and private sectors, within countries and among countries of the region. Big attention was paid to Azerbaijan, that is very interested in investing in the Western Balkans. By making business friendly environments and cross border initiatives, out region is in position to attract more investments from Middle East and Asian markets. „For us is also very important to connect through infrastructure Europe with this growing and energy rich markets“, explained Knežević.

Beside president of Atlas Group Duško Knežević, the meeting was attended by numerous leaders from the region and the world’s well known politicians and among them were Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, president of Podesti group, Toni Podesta, ex president of European commission José Manuel Barroso.

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