There is no compromise when alcohol and driving are in question

Although even 82% of drivers do not even know how much alcohol is allowed in the blood, nearly two thirds of drivers driving under the influence of alcohol justify knowing their boundaries, according to the results of a global study by HEINEKEN , which were presented to the students of the Faculty of Management within the Megatrend University of Zajecar, at an educational workshop on responsible consumption.

Workshops for students are conducted in cooperation with the Traffic Safety Agency, within the global Heineken® campaign “When you drive, never drink”. The aim of the workshops is to communicate the message of the importance of responsible consumption in line with this year’s message of “No compromise” campaign, which will remind young people that there is no compromise on alcohol and driving.

“HEINEKEN Serbia will continue to carry out activities and business moves that show consumers and the general public the importance of responsible consumption and the harmfulness of alcohol abuse, especially when it comes to driving,” said HEINEKEN Serbia Corporate Affairs Officer Goran Stupar.

Dusko Pesic from the Agency for Traffic Safety analyzed the reasons why every third injured person in Serbia is a young participant in traffic.

“Analysis of traffic accidents reveals that the same, as well as fatal consequences, in Serbia are mostly caused by unadjusted speed, unused seat belts, use of mobile phones and driving in an alcoholic state,” said Pesic.
Famous Galileo TV presenter Milos Urosevic, a lover of cars and driving, warned students that a fine is the least important item they need to worry about when they make a decision to drink alcohol under the steam.

In addition to interesting information regarding responsible consumption, students also had the opportunity to test an alcohol-driving simulator.

HEINEKEN Serbia and the Agency for Traffic Safety will conduct educational workshops at the faculties of the universities in Kragujevac and Novi Sad.

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