Think Tank Network for Talent Management: David Clutterbuck in Belgrade – June 14th till 15th

Breathing life back into talent management and succession planning – a two – day event on systemic approaches to talent and succession for leaders and senior HR professionals starts today in 88 Rooms Hotel in Belgrade!

Formulating a holistic approach to talent management is challenging in today’s complex business environment. In studies around the globe, identifying, nurturing, promoting and retaining talent is one of the top three areas of HR, where leaders (and HR professionals themselves) feel least satisfied with HR performance. In part, this is because talent management is not just an HR issue – it is a joint responsibility of HR and the leaders. But it’s also an issue of perspective: most of the tools at the disposal of HR and leaders for talent management are rooted in linear systems thinking, when the relationship between talented individuals and the organisation is actually a complex, adaptive system. New, more dynamic approaches are required.


In this unique THINK TANK NETWORK event we will blend both international and local expertise to explore emerging good practice and how it can make a radical difference to organisations and to a society in general.

Organizer is TAGORAS (EMCC member) in partnership with European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). A keynote speaker is professor DAVID CLUTTERBUCK, one of the world’s most thought – provoking and entertaining speaker and writer on management and human resources. David has assisted hundreds of organizations in more than 80 countries in creating sustainable and effective mentoring programs. Visiting professor in coaching and mentoring at three Universities (Oxford Brookes, Sheffield Hallam and York St John) he co-founded the European Mentoring and Coaching Council, (EMCC) the primary body representing professionals in this field in Europe. For more info, please, visit:

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