Thirty years of Bitef Theater and the performance of M.I.R.A directed by Andraš Urban

Bitef Theater this year marks 30 years of theater duration. Thirty years of implementation of the statutory and artistic concept of the founder Mrs. Mire Trailovic. Her vision is based on a new, advanced and experimental view of the theater – in its content and formal sense. By the reputation of the Bitef Festival, which has grown into an institution of global cultural importance in the context of Europe and the world, it has established a theater that will keep track of Bitef’s pulse in its genre of variety, to be a continuation of festival successes throughout the season.

The connection between Bitef and Bitef theater is organic and desirable. To point out the example, it is enough to dive into the research of the character and part of the founder, and to create a work of art – a performance – which this interdependent relationship describes, problematizes and analyzes. This artistic creation, planned on the very day of the birthday of Bitef Theater, March 3, in the initial motive, has the desire to not only bow to the foundations of the founder, but also to look at the historical and social context in which Bitef theater is created and developed its artistic practice. The Portrait of the Theater is a portrait of the time in which the theater was created, and in relation to contemporary theater developments and their implementation in our cultural environment. On the map of the bravest artistic performances, Bitef made the biggest theater breakthrough in the local environment. Bitef Theater has become a bunker of innovative and contemporary theater research, in the struggle for contemporary artistic trends, and against the palanquinization of social movements. Fighting Mire Trailovic for Bitef and Bitef Theater, her fight for the best in artistic and functional sense – the most modern. It itself is a national heroine of the front of the new ones in modern theater history.

The play of M.I.R.A is directed by Andras Urban, the leading regional director. 6 performers, 5 actresses and 1 musician participate in the show. Mirjana Karanovic plays the title role. Other roles include: Suzana Lukić, Anđela Jovanović, Isidora Simijonović and Gorica Regodić. The playwright of the play, Vedrana Božinović, is building a matrix of pieces on the documentary about the origin of the Bitef Theater, and examines the local community in relation to this artistic phenomenon. By examining the material through the process of workshop work with the participants, in the editorial structure of Urban, a performance and dialogue matrix of the performance will be created. Music is composed by Irena Popović – series of performances performed by actresses, which are derived from the research process – Bitef and Bitef theater in constant dialogue with society. Problematization of avant-garde, experimental and new in art, and its application to the field of various consumers of artistic products, is a thematic and problem category of this play.

Biography of Mira Trailović – working and artistic – will be treated as an important cohesive and explicative factor in the treatment of the problem of the emergence and cohesion of the novelistic expression and its social purpose. Through the analysis of social and political processes through the 30 years of the Theater, the play will try to evaluate the quality and regularity of the development of new and advanced art, in its constant and reaffirmation and self-definition.

“When the first citizen of our city opened this theater and handed it to the theater artists and to all those who search the art for this space, he will not give it to me, today the veteran of many theatrical attempts, but above all young people by age or spirit, anyway. When those who come to overcome us with imagination, strength and skill, I will be happy.” Mira Trailović


March 3 at 20:00, Bitef Theater


Director: Andras Urban

Dramaturgist: Vedrana Božinović

Music: Irena Popović

They play: Mirjana Karanović, Suzana Lukić, Anđela Jovanović, Isidora Simijonović and Gorica Regodić.

Costume: Marina Sremac

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