Thou Shalt Innovate!

Israel is secular, prophetic, diverse

Avi Jorisch is an Israeli writer and an expert in innovation. He carefully drew the sketch of how Israel and the Jews in general became the motor engine for the innovation in the world. The book has not yet been translated into Serbian language, but we had an opportunity to talk to the author, who explained us why Israel became a “Startup Nation”.

The critics say that: “Thou Shalt Innovate profiles wondrous Israeli innovations that are collectively changing the lives of billions of people around the world and explores why Israeli innovators of all faiths feel compelled to make the world better. This is the story of how Israelis are helping to feed the hungry, cure the sick, protect the defenseless, and make the desert bloom. Israel is playing a disproportionate role in helping solve some of the world’s biggest challenges by tapping into the nation’s soul: the spirit of tikkun olam the Jewish concept of repairing the world.” Fair enough. But what does Avi have to say himself?

What are the principles of Israeli innovation?

Israel is a leading superpower in innovations because it is based upon three basic principles:  it is secular, it is prophetic and it is diverse. Its secularity is in the foundation of the State of Israel, and it allows everyone to be as religious or non-religious as they want, not imposing any strict rules. The other thing is “prophetic”: Israel has a long history of prophets who gave much to the world: Abraham, Moses, St John the Baptist, Jesus. Lot of these people shaped the main religions in the world today: Christianity and Islam. It means that the great thoughts that changed the world were usually coming from Israel. We are used to changing the world for better, making it a better place.

What are the main areas of innovation nowadays?

Israel has made up 5 major water innovations, among which we must emphasise desalination technique, waste water refinement and drip irrigation. It enabled us to irrigate the vast surfaces of desert or arid areas, and to be the leading power in water supply, although we experienced the water shortages some 10 to 15 years ago. Of course, the people feel it repulsive to drink the recycled wate water but we use it for other purposes. Also, there is a so called “GPS for brain” designed by Arab-Israeli company called Aplha Omega. It helps the brain to cope with the Parkinson’s disease.

The Israeli experience in water management and biotech is here to help the world and reshape in into a better place.

What will the future bring?

We must understand that we are facing the great makeover of the world between 2020 and 2030. In the 2045, all the people will be cured from banal things with the help of devices: it is estimated that all the people on the planet will be partly human, partly machines. By 2090 there will be no more diseases. We will use pill cameras to diagnose the illnesses. But we will face serious challenges: by 2025 much of the world will have problems with water, but 2030 some 40-50% of American cities will have troubles with water supply. Countries like Egypt and Iran will have even more serious obstacles. Therefore it is essential to innovate. And the Israeli experience is here to help the world and reshape in into a better place.

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