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There are many contemporary institutes in China and worldwide that are engaged in scientific research of the basic postulates of the traditional Chinese medicine. TIENS is one of the most successful companies and the leader in this segment.


The traditional Chinese medicine has been developed on the back of a centuries-long tradition, owing to wise people, and accomplished and recognized results. Today, this medicine is conquering new areas all of the world and has been drawing attention of many doctos, of different specializations, and anybody wanting to discover its secrets and experience its efficiency and beneficence.


The company operates in Serbia and Russia, where it is known as TIANSHI. In addition to receiving many awards and recognitions, TIENS has also been declared as the Best Enterprise in Contribution to Green Civilization by the United Nations.

Apart from the ISO, USA FDA, KOSHER, and HALAL certificates, as well as the certificate issued by the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia (ALIMS), we also have the certificate issued by the Russian Federal Space Agency which used our products on their space voyages. The President of the TIENS corporation, Mr. Li Jinyuan was also given an honourary diploma by this Agency.



Mrs. Milka Orlić, who was the first to bring and present TIENS products in Serbia, speaks about her experiences and the company’s products. Led by a true desire and unbelieavable life circumstances, while understanding that everything happens for a reason, she has personally benefitted from TIENS products. She has also spent years working hard, constantly educating other people and widening her network of associates trying to get as many people acquainted with TIENS products so that they can experience for themselves just how widely applicable and efficient these products are in preventing and correcting even the worst of health conditions including celiac disease which is something that one of the users of TIENS products can testify to. You can read more about this at .

My health problems started unexpectedly early, right after I turned 20“, says Mrs. Orlić. She had problems with her complexion, unbearable headaches, gynecological problems (fibroids and cysts which appeared as a result of excessive consumption of mature cheese and eggs), and a serious lymphatic disorder. „Everything I did to make myself better, all the drugs and therapies, did not yield any results“, she says.

After several years, she heard of a macrobiotic diet, a sort of a food health treatment. She immediately started learning about it and, eventually, she and her entire family changed their diet accordingly.

I have never thought I would be able to solve the problem with my complexion but thanks to the unbelieavable properties of Chistosan, which doesn’t leave the usual keloids on the face after use, I have succeeded. Also, I did not expect for the pain in my knee to subside. Thanks to the Vejkan supplement, it did and it never returned. This supplement regulates cartilage wear“, she says.

TIENS also produces organic cosmetics which I readily use. At the age of 71, I can say that my complexion is clear and almost wrinkle-free. It was the product called Ozonizator which also contributed to this. Its main task is to remove all the chemicals found in food with the use of ozone. I regulary use it in my bath, as I also use all of the TIENS products. My friends jokingly say that I look like a Chinese woman because I don’t look my age at all“, Mrs. Orlić explains.

Inspired by her own life story and experiences, Mrs. Orlić wrote two books – „Fat- and sugar-free desserts“ and „To live healthy according to Dr Hay“ who was the first to prove the effectiveness of properly combining food groups and had been treating diabetes patients eight years before insulin was discovered.

Apart from the supplements, TIENS also offers products that promote a balanced health concept, intended for cleansing, rejuvinating, and tightening of the skin (face and body). Additioanlly, it also offers innovative products like TIENS mattress, pillow and health cover, a multi-functional head device, a cup of health with hydrogenated water and the TIENS DiCHO ozonizator which purifies water, air and food. For more information, please go to .

Food is the key! Dr Hay has scientifically proven how beneficial is combining certain food groups in one meal. For instance, proteins and carbohydrates, or acidic foods and sugary foods should not be combined because they impede digestion.

Health balance – Cleansing, revitalizing and becoming stronger

The complete revitalization of our body is boosted through cleansing and supplementing what our body is missing.

In the traditional Chinese medicine, the first step is cleansing.

We would like to highlight the following products:

CHITOSAN – Derived from the cellulose that is found in the shell of the red sea crab; binds and eliminates toxins, several times its quantity; closes wounds without scars, the skin remains smooth, wounds on the cervix disappear, regulates body weight and LDL-cholesterol in the blood.

HOLIKAN – Derived from black grape seeds: it contains Resveratrol, which is also known as the best medicine for the heart. Rasveratrol works on improving circulation, and protects DNA from oxidative stress.

VEJKAN – Derived from wheat germ oil: it protects the skin, it is soothing, regulates cholesterol, normalizes eyesight, regulates blood circulation. Very quickly regulates the joint cartilage wear and tear.

REVITALIZATION – reach your absolute best health, prevent disease and early aging.

We would like to highlight the following products:

CORDYCEPS – It works on all energy channels in the human body. This is the only symbiosis of the plant and animal world that takes place in Tibet in the cordyceps, which is why it is considered the most potent product in the world.

TIENS CALCIUM – The only organic Calcium, absorbed up to 98%. It contains easily absorbing minerals and other ingredients naturally found in healthy bones.

Ozonator Tiens DiCHO

The new generation of DiCHO devices doubles the emission of ozone per unit and improves sterilization. Purifies air, water and food, kills bacteria, eliminates pesticides, enriches water and air with oxygen, disinfects it from bacteria, fungi and mites. Eliminates unpleasant organic and inorganic odours.

For more information, please go to

TIENS SRBIJA- Contact person and advice on product use:

Belgrade, Serbia

Mrs. Milka Orlić

Professional associates of TIENS with The Honor Title of Golden Lion

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