Tijana Tadić is a new member of the PepsiCo team, positioned as a HR manager for the Western Balkans region, which includes business in Serbia and BosniaHerzegovina.

In this position, Tijana will provide a functional support to the daily operations of the local business of Marbo Product, which has been operating as a part of global PepsiCo for ten years. Her task will be to ensure the implementation of standards and company goals in accordance with her expertise and experience. Tijana Tadić is an HR professional with more than 15 years of experience in various managerial positions in the field of human resources. She began her career at British American Tobacco, and continued in the companies Knjaz Miloš and Danube Foods Group as HR Director. Prior to joining PepsiCo, Tijana worked as a human resources director at Karanović & Nikolić Law office. “Tijana Tadić will take an important role in further developing our HR operational model in order to create a strong human resource function, which will continue to be focused on supporting the company’s operations. We are confident that Tijana will successfully lead the PepsiCo HR team of the Western Balkans team and will continue to deliver an innovative and robust PepsiCo HR Agenda in doing business in this market” PepsiCo said. Tijana Tadić graduated in Communication from the Faculty of Media and Communication, and she received her master’s degree in business administration at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences at the University of Belgrade.

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