Tikveš Wines on the Roof of Belgrade

In a friendly atmosphere, with a perfect view to Belgrade, Tikveš Winery hosted a special gathering which was attended by numerous guests from the country. The theme of the evening was “La vie en rose”, or the promotion of Alexandria Cuvée – Rosé wine, which is distinguished by its uniqueness as evidenced by the opinion of wine lovers across the region. The most distinguished wine lovers gathered to celebrate the nuances that make the wine special.

Maja Kolundzija Zoroe sa suprugom

Many celebrities like Ivana Bekjarev, Kiki Lesendrić, Dragoljub Đuričić Mićko, Željko Samardžić, Suzane Mančić, Maja Kolundžija Zoroe, Aleksa Jelić, and also guests from the business and media world proved with their presence  that the quality wines and winery with a long and famous tradition are deeply appreciated. In addition to wine, Macao band and DJ Dada Selectah took care of the good atmosphere among the guests. The guests were presented the newest promotional video of Tikveš. Tikveš Winery has once again demonstrated its uncompromising quality in all segments, making it the absolute leader in the region.

Igor Ilievski, gen.direktor vinarije Tikves Inspektor Blaza i Dragoljub Micko Djuricic Iva Strljic Ivan Bekjarev sa suprugom Kiki Lesendric i Ivan Stankovic Kiki Lesendric i Zeljko Samardzic Suzana Mancic Tikves event

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