Tourism: Virtual Walk Around Slovenia

Even in the world pandemic Slovenia doesn’t hide its natural beauties and historical heritage

Once upon a time, travelling for vacation was one of the most important times of the year. The moment which was the key motivator for many, as the hard work done throughout the year finally paid off. Unfortunately, now as we are battling a world pandemic, individuals can only dream of sandy beaches, crystal mountain peaks, and foreign cuisine. Fortunately, Slovenia has allowed us to enhance our holiday imagination through a virtual tour of the top touristic destinations in the country, as individuals embark on an unforgettable journey through the online I Feel Slovenia platform. It gives us the opportunity to plan our future holiday and excites us for the upcoming event, even if it might not be in the near future.

Form the comfort of your couch, Slovenia offers a journey to their greatest cultural and natural attractions. When it comes to historical artifacts, the nation offers one of the greatest museum collections in Europe. The Museum of Brezice is located within a beautiful, pre-historic castle, on a slope on the left bank River Sava, originally created by the Sulzberger’s in 1528. It is a place where tribes, families and generations of the Posavje plains and hills meet and where lifestyles of the Posavje inhabitants and newcomers are knitted into a display of rich cultural heritage of the museum.

“Slovenia has allowed us to enhance our holiday imagination through a virtual tour of the top touristic destinations in the country”

The museum’s main message is to teach generations to learn from the past and become more skilful and brave in the future. Individuals who aren’t crazy about traditional museum collections won’t miss out in this ride as the Eco-Museum, Underwater Activities Museum of Piran, Plecnik House, and many others are all on display on the virtual tour.

Numerous generations enjoy adventurous hiking rails, the views of green landscapes and murmur of clear streams. According to “I feel Slovenia” you don’t need to put on your hiking boots to enjoy unforgettable views.  One of the greatest wonder of raw nature is the Kozjak Waterfall. This natural phenomenon is hidden in a fairly large open karst cave-like area, and falls 15 meters into an amazing emerald green pool nested between magnificent dark rocks – it is the setting and the color of the water which makes Kozjak spectacular.

“Exploring the historical cities and reading about tales from the past is enough to fall in love with a nation like Slovenia”

The virtual tour allows us to see every detail of this Slovenian wonder and offers the online visitors a truly unforgettable scenery. Yet another hiking trail awaits on the online tour as one of the most attractive lakes in Europe is located in Pohorje. An interesting fact about the Lovrenc lakes is that they are powered by rainwater, and their numbers are not always the same, depending on the season. Their mysterious and unique black color comes from peat, which is deposited in them, creating this distinctive look. The Lovrenc Lakes combine the beauty of the green Slovenian forests and unique black-looking swamp lakes, which have become a treasure of Pohorje.

Are you a fan of the underground? Beneath Slovenia’s surface hides an infinite amount of prehistoric masterpieces, this virtual tour is perfect for the brave visitors who love to taste the mystic side of Slovenia’s nature. The Postojna Cave is called the “Queen of the underground world”, as it has the most diverse fauna and cave formations. Furthermore, it is filled with murmuring streams and rivers and vast subterranean halls, making it a real challenge for explorers to examine. The Križna Cave is yet another famous phenomenon in Slovenia which is a home to over 40 underground lakes, animal species, and archaeological remains and preservations. It is exactly 8.8km long and visitors have the opportunity to discover the cave by a little rubber raft.

Curious visitors who are willing to add Slovenia on their wish-list and want to feel the vibe of the urban city life are free too experience a virtual walk around Slovenian towns. Exploring the historical cities and reading about tales from the past is enough to fall in love with a nation like Slovenia. Architectural master pieces and comfy town houses surrounded by local shops, restaurants, squares and parks, arouses the interest of many, as visitors are charmed by the romantic imagery.

Although Slovenia is counted as the baby of Europe due too its small size, there aren’t many tiny places in the world which offer as much history, heritage, and natural phenomena as this nation. Future Slovenian tourists and visitors have a wide specter of possibilities to observe in order to create the perfect personalized guide to Slovenia once travelling becomes a part of our yearly routine again. Dreaming about it now, and visiting the country later definitely builds up excitement which will make the holiday absolutely unforgettable.

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