Tradition – Tour of Novi Sad Homes for Children, the Elderly and the Homeless

Employees of Color Press Group, for 22 years, have a long tradition in December of visiting homes for children, the elderly and the homeless in the territory of the City of Novi Sad

As in previous years, we visited our friends, children, the elderly and the homeless and handed them gifts from the companies that joined us in this action: “MK Group” (apples from the “Agrounije” plantation); the company “Nova oprema” donated packages for children; The Gallery of Matica Srpska donated children’s books and picture books; Color Press Group various magazines from its production… According to tradition, we also brought cakes made by housewives and humanitarians who have been participating in these programs for more than two decades! The first time we took savoury pies to the Children’s Village and hung out with the little ones was in April 2001, and we’ve been there every year since then.

Today, the action covers 10 homes and centres dealing with inclusion and social policy:

– Day-care for children with autism in Klisa, within the Elementary School “Dr. Milan Petrović”

– Centre for the Production of Knowledge and Skills in Novo Naselje, which deals specifically with preschool education of Roma children

– Shelter for the homeless in Futog

– Home for developmentally disabled children and youth, Veternik

– Home for the elderly “Liman”

– Children’s village, Sremska Kamenica

– Parents’ house of NURDOR, Endowment of the Kostić family, Petrovaradin

– Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre

– Centre for Social Work

– Shelter for homeless children

“During today’s visit, we learned that there are long waiting lists in almost all institutions, which means that Novi Sad needs more gerontological centres, shelters for the homeless and homes for children. At the Shelter for the Homeless in Futog, we enjoyed a concert and a song by Milan Opsenica, one of the residents, a former musician whose life circumstances led him to end up on the street. At the Home in Veternik, we were pleasantly surprised by the large number of new workshops in which the residents spend these rainy December days. The singer Snežana Djurišić announced that in the next year to make the residents of the home very happy. One of the residents sang one of Lepa Brena’s songs (“Poželi sreću drugima”) and invited her to come to Veternik. A little later, in the Children’s Village in Sremska Kamenica, Nada Topčagić joined us and sang together with residents…”, said Robert Čoban, the president of Color Press Group.

According to tradition, we will organize a Christmas lunch for residents of the Homeless Shelter (adults) on January 8 in cooperation with the restaurant “Lazin Salaš”.

All companies and individuals who want to join the humanitarian program of Color Press Group can contact Tatjana Dobanovački at the email address:

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