UNICEF: Flowmeters and pulse oximeter donated to Clinical Centre Nis and COVID Centre in Leskovac

Today, UNICEF delivered six more oxygen flowmeters and a pulse oximeter to the Clinical Centre Nis and three oxygen flowmeters to the COVID Centre of the General Hospital in Leskovac. Oxygen flowmeters were donated to support the treatment of COVID patients who need oxygen therapy, while the pulse oximeter is intended for faster and more accurate measurement of oxygen concentration in the bloodstream.

We very much appreciate the private sector’s response to UNICEF’s call to combat COVID-19 and their contribution to the procurement of medical equipment necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such mobilization of funds for UNICEF is crucial both for the regular programmes for children and in emergencies” pointed out Regina De Dominicis, UNICEF Representative in Serbia.

UNICEF procured the flowmeters thanks to the donation from IT company Nutanix, while the company Symphony made it possible to procure the pulse oximeter.

On behalf of the Clinical Centre Nis and the Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Therapy, which was the most involved in the treatment of the most severe cases, I hereby thank you for this very noble gesture and for your help. This is a donation of six oxygen flowmeters with humidifier. The vast majority, almost 70 percent of patients, out of 2,200 who were hospitalized at the Clinical Centre Nis, needed some kind of oxygen therapy or oxygen support, and it is these devices that are used as the initial therapy in the delivery of oxygen from the central supply. This donation will further strengthen our capacities. Right now, we have 96 more patients hospitalized at the Clinical Centre Nis, and most of them still depend on oxygen therapy”, said prof. Dr Radmilo Jankovic, director of the Clinic for Anaesthesia and Intensive Therapy of the Clinical Centre Nis.

On behalf of the Paediatric Internal Diseases Clinic, the head of intensive care, Dr Dejan Milojevic, also thanked UNICEF.

Today, we received a pulse oximeter, a device that is in everyday use, that is the standard in the treatment of patients. The device is used to control vital parameters in a non-invasive way. Our cooperation with UNICEF is continuous, and we’d like to thank them for that.”

UNICEF has so far delivered 56 out of a total of 61 flowmeters procured for healthcare institutions in Serbia. The flowmeters have been delivered to the CHC Zemun, CHC Zvezdara, Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery “Banjica”, CC Vojvodina, CHC Dragisa Misovic, CC Kragujevac, Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Pulmonology Clinic of the CC of Serbia, GH Novi Pazar, and today, to the CC Nis and COVID Centre in Leskovac. In the coming days, the CHC Dragisa Misovic in Belgrade will receive an additional five flowmeters. Last week, UNICEF also delivered the first four of a total of 50 ventilators procured for healthcare institutions in Serbia.

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