UniCredit Bank approved first loans for liquidity and working capital within the Government’s Economic Measures Program to support the economy

After signing the Agreement with the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank of Serbia on the state guarantee scheme for lending to the economy, UniCredit Bank approved the first loans for liquidity and working capital within the Program of Economic Measures of the Government of Serbia, in order to mitigate the negative consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

Feza Tan, CEO of UniCredit Bank Serbia, on this occasion has stated: “From the very beginning, UniCredit Bank has been actively involved in creating measures to support the economy, because it is crucial that we all contribute to continuing the path of development of the local economy on which we stood firmly before the declaration of the pandemic. I am especially pleased with the fact that the vast majority of clients opt for dinar loans, because in the last few years we have been actively promoting borrowing in local currency. This is our additional commitment to the dinarization that presents long term strategic direction of National Bank of Serbia and Government, with the aim to encourage usage of dinars, decrease of risk of maintaining a stable and liquid financial system in the country.”

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