UniCredit Bank Visa Platinum card- for everything that matters to you

UniCredit Bank completed its cards’ offers with the Visa Platinum card. It is a unique payment card belonging to the Premium product category and is intended for clients who lead a dynamic social life and who frequently travel.

The advantages of this card are reflected in the various benefits provided in the cooperation with exclusive partners around the world. One of the most important features is the family travel insurance covering the whole world, including 90 days a year up to 40,000 euros. It applies to spouses and three children, aged 3 months to 18 years, if they travel with a card user.

The so-called “Lounge Key”, as part of the Visa Platinum card, offers access to almost 900 airports in over 500 cities around the world, with a fee of $ 27 per use (in dinar counter value at the bank’s selling rate on the transaction date ). In addition to food and drinks, other services, such as free internet and magazines are also included. Additionally, the Visa Platinum card payment provides the opportunity to guarantee the lowest price for accommodations in over 200 hotels within the Luxury Collection program, as well as the possibility of getting a luxurious room without any additional fees, free internet and parking, VIP guest status, and later check outs from the hotel.

Visa Platinum Card is an internationally valid card, allowing users to pay for goods and services on all POS terminals and to get cash at all ATMs and counters of banks where the VISA logo is highlighted and has significantly higher limits than standard products. Visa Platinum cards users have at their disposal, a Contact Center for all emergency services in unforeseen situations, such as emergency blocking of a lost or stolen card, emergency card replacement, information service related to necessary medical assistance, support in case of loss of travel documents, or documents, legal assistance and consumer protection during purchase.

Visa Platinum debit card is a part of the Premium package of accounts and no special membership fee is charged for its use. A request for issuance can be submitted in all branches of UniCredit Bank throughout Serbia.

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