UNIQA introduces incentives for the term of the state of emergency

Deferred payment on insurance premium liabilities for clients older than 65 and clients who are partially or completely left without regular income

With full understanding of difficulties with payments of liabilities assumed through insurance contracts, in the period of the state of emergency UNIQA Insurance has allowed its clients who are older than 65 and clients who during COVID-19 pandemic, partially or completely, have been left without regular income, to settle their liabilities due after the state of emergency ends. Such deferment on the payments of insurance premium that falls due during the state of emergency shall not result in the accrual of interest on arrears and shall not in any way affect the exercising of rights stemming from insurance contract during the state of emergency. The insurance premiums that fall due during the state of emergency may be settled at a later point, i.e. within three months after the state of emergency ends. Such incentives do not operate to extend the term of insurance, but simply to postpone the payment of premium dues.
To defer insurance premium payments, data (name, surname, national identification number, phone number) and a Deferment request form need to be provided at e-mail address: info@uniqa.rs or by phone: +381/20 24 100.
Clients who do not want to use incentives during the state of emergency can carry on making regular payments of their liabilities within deadlines set under their insurance contracts. In case that the insurance contract expires at some point during the state of emergency, a client can enter into a new one with the obligation to pay the first premium.
In addition to personal insurance consultants, whom all the clients can reach by phone, in case of need for any information, support and claim notification, clients can call UNIQA Contact Center (+381/11 20 24 100) or 0800 201 301 (a toll-free number for calls from Serbia).
We would like to remind that UNIQA, with an aim to protect the health, from the beginning of the state of emergency, has ensured that its employees telecommute smoothly, and enabled clients to constantly use services without any direct contact, through phone and online services available 24 hours a day. Apart from claim notification and claim settlement made at the shortest time possible, all UNIQA online and phone services allow clients to stay at home and simply use the web shop to take out insurance, the online application to notify of claims, which is available on UNIQA Insurance website at: www.uniqa.rs, and the Contact Center for any kind of support needed. The consumers of UNIQA travel health insurance who are currently unable to return to Serbia from abroad may extend the term of their respective insurance policies by calling the Contact Center, or alternatively, this can be done by a person from Serbia who is close to a client.

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