UŠĆE giving away MILLIONS

How many times have you wished to become a millionaire and imagined what you would spend the money you won on? Then the slim chances of this dream coming true swiftly bring you back to reality and you quickly forget that you ever dreamed about this. But maybe this autumn is your lucky season because it gives you the opportunity to become a millionaire. Mark October 9 in your calendars as your lucky day because the prize game “UŠĆE’s Million for You” launches then.

Anyone who makes a purchase in the UŠĆE Shopping Center for over 3,000 dinars in the period from October 9 to November 6, spread across a maximum of two receipts, will have the opportunity to win a shopping voucher worth 3,000, 12,000 or one million dinars for shopping in UŠĆE.

You can register for the UŠĆE prize game via the link 11godina.usceshoppingcenter.rs .

There is a way not to be anxious about looking at your bank statement balance after shopping. You will agree, there is no better cure for shopping “anxiety” than participating in the UŠĆE’s Million for You prize game and winning a voucher for one million dinars for shopping in UŠĆE.

So, don’t let shopping make you anxious this autumn. Take the opportunity and become a UŠĆE shopping millionaire.


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