Use a credit card and choose the installment yourself

Komercijalna banka has enabled its clients to pay with credit cards at installments without interest at more than 1,700 outlets throughout Serbia. Users of any of the selected cards: Visa Revolving, Mastercard Installment and DinaCard credit, have the ability to pay goods or services at even 24 installments without interest, with the selected partners of the Bank. These are representatives of renowned global and local brands and providers of high quality products and services, and the number of wars depends on the specific sales point.

Before purchasing, it is necessary for the client to check the terms that apply to that point of sale that are usually highlighted at the place of payment, and to emphasise that he wants to use the option “Selling at installments without interest”. The list of partners with which the Bank has a contract for selling credit cards at interest rates without interest is constantly growing, and the list of sales facilities can be checked on the website of Komercijalna banka In this way, it is possible to buy footwear and clothes, equip the apartment with all necessary devices, pay travel, buy computers and other techniques, pay healthcare services, holidays, cosmetics and other products and services.

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