VAT is not a scarecrow for entrepreneurs

Anyone planning to start a business in manufacturing and having the idea of ​​placing their products in the future on the foreign market should not evade the entry into the VAT system, as this could hinder the development and securing financing through bank loans – this is one of the recommendations from the first educational workshop Start legally.

– NALED is organising workshops within the project “Support to the Government of Serbia in the fight against the gray economy”, implemented in cooperation with the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) and is part of the support to the implementation of the National Programme for the Suppression of the Grey Economy. – said Jelena Bojović, director of the Regulatory Reform Team in NALED. – Non-familiarity with the legal framework is one of the key problems of entrepreneurs, which leads to fears of inspections and the abandonment of business start-ups. Another major problem is the lack of funding sources and, finally, there is a problem of promotion and sale of products or services, and we want to address all these obstacles in the workshops and to solve them – emphasized Milivoje Jovanović, programme manager ENECA.

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