Vip is the first Family Friendly company in Serbia

If someone tells you that at work you can take free days because your child is going to school or kindergarten, that you have the right to work for a certain period of time after the return from maternity sickness under the same conditions as full time work so that you can to work outside the premises of the company, to have the right to flexible working hours, to have days at work intended to hang out with family members, that your company organises a “beer day” or even a festival for you, would you accept such a job and believe that there is such a thing in Serbia?

Such conditions are possible in a company that has been operating in our country for ten years and has a prestigious Family Friendly Enterprise (FFE) certificate – Vip mobile. This certificate is awarded by the certification body of the TMS CEE, according to the certification scheme “Equilib” of the Institute from Slovenia, and the basic requirement is that the business policy of the firm is focused on harmoni
sing work and private life of the employee.

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